Sunday, 6 August 2017

World of Math Visit

We were lucky enough to have a World of Math representative come in and set up a rotation in the hall. The idea was to take our knowledge of Math and strategies and apply it to solve problems we are faced with. We had a great time and solved some really challenging puzzles!

WALT follow the behaviour matrix

We began Term 3 by talking about what it meant to have good behaviour, what it meant to be a good friend, and what it meant to be a good student. This was followed by some role play and drama to show us what it really looks like. We completed this little unit by making a "Key to Friendship" display.

Supporting Maths at home

NZ math has a page specifically to give tips that help support children with mathematics outside of school hours. Check it out!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


This term we are lucky enough to have Counties Manukau Sport come and help us out. We started our hockey lessons today.

The Marvellous Room 18!

It took almost 2 weeks of school to have a full class!

Some Interesting Fruit!

Kyra Barlow has brought some interesting fruit to school!
Origin: Thailand
Name: Thai longan berries
They have a hard shell with an appearance similar to a miniature rock melon.
On the inside it looks like a grape with a "gooey black seed" in the centre